Aug 27

Anonymous said: Yo, the songs that played on Kelly Sue interview? Pretty please?!


Aug 25

Aug 19


thelastfreecompany said: your podcast is great, as someone making their first steps into taking making sequential art very seriously the insight from all your interviews is solid gold. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but are there any other podcasts you would recommend with creator and industry insight in the vein of your own podcast?

Confession time, i dont actually listen to other podcasts. but i like the guys that do Tell Me something i dont know and i have heard good things about Silence and Make it then tell everybody. 

Aug 18

Anonymous said: What do you think are the best interviews you've done?

Dont make me choose my favorite child!

Anonymous said: Have you ever tried to get an interview with Alex Schubert?

Kind of. we started one and then a cluster of problems happened and i have been to sheepish to follow up. 

Anonymous said: Do you think its important for you to be a huge fan of someone's work in order to conduct an interesting interview with them?

Not necessarily, but i dont think i need to be interested in the person’s work or their motivations as an artist. I can tell if i’ve done a shitty interview if i obviously didnt care about their work. 

Aug 17

Anonymous said: Have you ever tried to get an interview with Jonny Mnemonic?

is he the guy with the 64 mb chip in his head?

Anonymous said: Have you ever tried to get an interview with Jonny Negron?

I’ve asked him, he wasnt really very responsive, so i didn’t follow up. 

And in all honesty, i am not the hugest fan. I appreciate it visually, but i dont get the same connection that others do. 

Aug 16

Rob Liefeld - inkstuds -


I pencilled and inked four pages of Glorkian Warrior book three today while listening to this amazing interview with Rob Liefeld. The man has a really infectious love of comics. Anyone who wants to cut their own path through life should listen. I think he would be great fun to draw with, he has a really flamboyant style. He’s really passionate about creating, and really passionate about engaging an audience. I think he’s right… You gotta keep your audience in mind, especially if you’re trying to create something that’s going to blow them away.